Mark Carlson

Managing Director

Mark joined AVAC Ltd. as Vice President, Investment in 2009, and is also the Managing Director of AVAC’s Ag Tech Investment group Verdex Capital Inc. In his role, Mark is responsible for all aspects of investment operations. Mark has directed venture capital and investment financing for a broad range of early-stage technology companies for the past 15 years. His sectors of investment expertise span the agriculture value chain, complemented by internet-powered and related software businesses, manufacturing, and life science which are all synergistic to Ag Tech investing. Furthermore, Mark’s comprehensive, hands-on knowledge of irrigated crop and cow-calf production gleaned from his farm up-bringing and ranching experience augments Verdex’s agricultural technology investment strategy and investment decision. Mark has a Bachelor of Economics and an MBA.

As AVAC’s Vice President, Investment and Managing Partner of AVAC’s Ag Tech investment group, Verdex Capital Inc., Mark has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Agri Innovation Forum, and the Agri Investment Forums.

Warren Bergen

Entrepreneur in Residence

Warren joined AVAC Ltd. as Vice President of Corporate Development in January 2011, and became President of the organization in 2015. He is also the Entrepreneur in Residence of AVAC’s Ag Tech Investment group Verdex Capital Inc. With over 15 years of expertise in the technology industry, Warren brings a breadth of experience that spans start-up and growth stage sales and marketing, finance, and venture capital investment. His background is a highly relevant blend of entrepreneurship and early-stage investment know-how spanning angel, venture capital, and public markets. In technology operational roles, his experience includes IT sales and marketing leadership, integration contracts, and channel development. In addition, he has been instrumental in the capital raise for a number of technology companies. Warren holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and enjoys coaching entrepreneurs. He is the author of ‘Swagger & Sweat’ – A Startup Capital Boot Camp.

Through his work at AVAC Ltd. and Verdex Capital, Warren has been an expert speaker at several events, including the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference, Banff Venture Forum, Ernst & Young Boot Camp, and the Business First Technology Seminar.

Ingrid Fung

Associate, Agriculture Technologies

As an Associate at Verdex Capital, Ingrid is responsible for deal sourcing and due diligence pertaining to Canadian Ag Tech opportunities. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ingrid acts as the Verdex Capital point of contact in Eastern Canada. In addition Ingrid actively monitors trends and drivers in the Ag Tech sector to enable the Verdex team to identify investment opportunities with potentially disruptive technologies.

Ingrid has over 5 years of academic research experience in diverse areas such as developmental biology, molecular biology, chemical biology, and plant-pest interactions. Prior to joining Verdex Capital, Ingrid worked as a Sr. Business Analyst with Bioenterprise Corporation, where she provided commercialization guidance to innovative Ag Tech companies, and was responsible for commercial due diligence, strategic relationship development, and investment preparation.

Ingrid holds an HBSc, specializing in Developmental Biology from the University of Toronto, and an MSc in cell and molecular biology specializing in plant–pest interactions from the University of Western Ontario.