The first round of the FVII Fund, jointly administered by Verdex Capital and Finistere Ventures, has been raised and will leverage the opportunity for investment in the field of agricultural technology.

With the changing global diet and food requirements, there is a huge opportunity to invest in companies and technologies that can improve yield and provide better farm management. We have deep, decades-long experience in agriculture and agricultural technologies. This expertise for creating real leadership within the Ag and Ag Tech investment sector makes us an ideal partner.

Fund Mandate:

Investments in “game-changer” innovative or fundamentally transformative agriculture and food technology ventures that can help solve the world’s impending food production and security issues. The fund will be balanced with some later-stage investments.

Fund Geography:

Minimum 80% invested in North America, with up to 20% invested outside North America.

Interested investors should contact us directly at

To learn more, please see our press release.

The types of agricultural technologies the FVII fund will invest in include:

Seed and seed traits with significantly higher yields

Urban farming

Food safety, distribution

Increased automation and robotics

Precision agriculture

Bioactives (including biocontrol, biofertility, and yield enhancers)

The Global Food Crisis